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Counselling and Profile Evaluation
We provide expert customized advice to the students at the documentation stage for their university application, minor mistakes in the application result in the rejection of the application.  Therefore, we offer a detailed step-by-step guide to each individual regarding the required documents and guidance on how to prepare those documents for their application process.

Test and Entrance Preparation Assistance


We assist the students with preparation for  IELTS, SAT, GRE, and university exam process guidance.

Admissions Process


We assist the students with the proper guidance with regard to courses in the university, entrance exams process guidance, and the visa application process.



Scholarships, grants, and financial assistance

We believe in quality and suggest the best way to acquire scholarships for students. We guide each individual for financial assistance such as an education loan.

Visa  Assistance

Once we receive the admission letters from the college/university, (after the successful entrance exam results), we assist the students with fee payment processes to avail of scholarships. Our counselors will guide the students or their guardians through the visa documentation process.

Accommodation Arrangements

We assist our students to book the best and most affordable accommodation available. We introduce our students to the seniors in the university for proper guidance to acquire part-time jobs. We book accommodation for our students in  coordination  with the local real estate companies in the respective country to provide a hassle-free service to our clients


Education Loan

Quicker Loan Sanction
Smooth documentation process and faster disbursement of the loan amount. Collaboration with UNION BANK of INDIA. (Govt. Bank) at best interest rates. 

Pre-departure Counselling 

We guide the students with regard to travel from home to university, accommodation availing guidance, travel guidance, and assistance upon arrival in the destination country.


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